with Bedlow Driscoll

Up and coming artist TedLo had an identity problem, or at least that’s what others were telling him. But this multi-instrumentalist had no interest in fitting into any single box. His EP ‘Lemonade’ was an exercise is diversity, seamlessly shifting across moods and genres and he approached us with a music video concept that celebrated that. We worked with him to develop the idea — a music variety show where every artist was a different version of TedLo.

We pushed the concept, leaving behind the polished world of Later...with Jools Holland in favour of a vintage inspired world referencing the loose handed approach of 80’s and 90’s shows like The Word and Top of the Pops. With tongue firmly in cheek, TedLo became host Bedlow Driscoll and each performance took reference from classic live music films and music videos.

We shot the video in one very funny day, building a studio set and shooting on retired 3-tube broadcast cameras. Sick.