Natural Canvas

Form without Formality

Denby Pottery has been creating hand-crafted, hard wearing tableware, cookware and serveware for over 200 years. Based in Derbyshire and still using traditional, hand-crafted methods despite the modern shift to mass production, Denby has become something of a National institution.

With classic ranges like Imperial Blue and Chevron in their historic collection, it’s a big deal when Denby introduces a new range. We collaborated with Spitfire Studio to create a series of films celebrating the release of Denby’s Natural Canvas range.

The Natural Canvas range was designed for “entertaining without formality”. We created a short commercial to capture that and give Denby a contemporary edge whilst showing off the Natural Canvas range.

For the second film in the series we told the story of Denby in 13 quintessential ranges. Drawing from Denby’s design archives we charted a path from the very first designs in 1832 all the way to the latest range.

The Denby factory is brimming with interesting imagery — people, equipment and skills that make the brand what it is. The third film in the series focuses on the intricacies, drawing a connection between the craftsmanship in the Denby manufacturing process and the customer’s craft in the kitchen.